Here at the Bratz Playhouse Collection, you have the chance to shop through our amazing collection to find what’s best for you.

Our most popular items consist of custom press on nails, lip glosses, blinged out weed trays, body oils, and more! Enjoyyyy💕

Press on Nails

Looking for an excuse to upgrade your style? Look no further! With our glamorous nails you can go from “sis🤦🏾‍♀️” to “sissssss😍” without breaking the bank. Only $20 a set.

Lip Glosses 💋

Are you tired of lip glosses drying your lips out or not providing enough shine? Well come shop the lip gloss collection and get a lip gloss you can finally be happy with 🥰Our lip glosses will keep your lips moisturized throughout the day AND will have your photos poppin🤩Come shop our lip gloss collection today!!!!

Body Oils

Summer is almost here and what better way to start it than grabbing your shimmer body oil today😋 Our body oil will have moisturized and hard to miss in the summer sun☀️Get yours today!

Customized Weed Trays

Where are all my smokers at?? For all of you who like to get high in style, shop our customized weed trays today‼️Our trays make great smoker accessories and allows you to still be glamorous while rolling up with your friends. Get yours today!💨

Crop Tops

Wanna upgrade your wardrobe? Well you’ve come to the right spot. Here at Bratz Playhouse Collection you can get cute crop tops for an affordable price

Hair Cips

Need a little hair inspiration? At the Bratz Playhouse Collection we provide our customers the opportunity to purchase blinged our hair clips🙏🏾With these clips, you can go from a basic looking hairstyle to a professional hairstyle within seconds🤩


Transactions and Shipping

As of right now, Bratz Playhouse Collection takes Cashapp, Zelle, Apple Pay and PayPal for all purchases.
US Shipping Only! There is a $3 shipping fee for orders under $5

Feel free to dm me @bratzz.playhouse if you have any questions😊