Hey Beyoutiful!

A Bit About Me🌻

I’m Ali!

I’m a goofy and sometimes awkward, stay at home, homeschooling momma of three October babies! I love all things girly, outdoors, rustic, boho and hippy you could say! I am working my way to a cleaner, greener, healthier home and love cooking plant based meals, when possible. As my husband would say, I’m a hippy at heart🌻

I have always had a passion for helping people! I always thought that passion would be used in the medical field but after having our third baby, I went from Phlebotomist to Makeup Artist, when I’m not being a momma and teaching my babes of course!

I work for an incredible, revolutionary makeup company named Seint! Seint is a one of a kind makeup that doesn’t disguise but rather enhances your natural beauty while still giving you the coverage you want! It’s easy, compact and quick when you want it to be, while still allowing room to glam it up when needed! Let’s just say it’s a momma’s dream 🙌🏼

I love that I can be home with my littles AND help other momma’s find an easy, affordable beauty routine that allows them to feel their best! After all, when us momma’s feel our best and our cups are full, we have more to give to those who need us! ✨

When I’m not helping momma’s find an easier beauty routine, I am speaking openly about my anxiety and depression in hopes of helping other momma’s struggling as well! Just take a look at my stories and there you will find me with messy hair, a makeup free face, the sink full of dishes and the never ending mess that is raising tiny humans! Us momma’s have to stick together and while aesthetically pleasing decor and mom fashion are well...aesthetically pleasing lol...it’s nice to be reminded that the mess and imperfectness is real too and that we are all doing this thing called motherhood, the best we can with what we have! It’s beautiful and rewarding but dang HARD!

With that said, YOU are Beyoutiful, you are Brave, you are a freaking Rockstar and you are so so incredibly welcome and accepted here, just as you are!

The Momma behind @braveandbeyoutiful

Things I Love!

If it’s linked below, it’s because I use it, LOVE it and think you might too! I love sharing with you all!

Recommendation #1

I love me some lashes! I was an avid lash extension wearer but once Covid struck and getting lashes was no longer an option for some time, I decided to take the time to repair and regrow my natural lashes! Enter Hello Skincare Lash Therapy🙌🏼 Affordable, plant based, clean Lash Serum that didn’t irritate my eyes or give me headaches! And best of all, IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I have used their lash serum for about a year or more, now and am very happy with the results! My lashes are happier, healthier, fuller and longer! Best of all, Hello Skincare reached out and gave me a code to share with YOU, to save you🎉 So heres to happy, healthy, LONGER lashes! 🥂

Code: Ali10

Recommendation #2

Freshly brewed coffee at home is one of my favs! Especially since getting a frother and finding some awesome non dairy creamers!!! But if I’m being quite honest, regular coffee triggers my panic attacks and gives me yucky acid reflux/heartburn! Insert Healthy Bean Coffee! Not only does it come in Decaf but it’s LOW ACID, mold free, has great flavor and is packed full of antioxidants deriving from matcha, rooibos and chia! No crash, no yucky acid reflux, NO PANIC and it’s giving my body health! I mean it’s a win win! Not to mention it’s a locally owned company and the family that own it’s is just the sweetest! And your in luck! I got you all a code!

Code: Ali15

Enjoy! ☕️