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In the hope to soar high,
I wished for wings to fly..
To places where I can breathe the sea,
to that every path that leads to me.!🌠

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Nature Escapades in Singapore

Fancy a walk.?!

If you are bored and want to relax for a couple hours, where do you take yourself. ?!

I'd blindly walk to the woods or perhaps the beach and I propose you do the same. Because, who knows if you are lucky like me, you might spot a reptile or two in the parks am going to tipoff..

Pick # 1 McRitchie Reservoir Park

Other than having exquisite trails, you can even rent a Kayak and row in the pristine waters all by yourself.

Monkeys, varieties of birds and sometimes if you really behave well, a Monitor Lizard might come and wave at yah..

Pick # 2 ECP Beach

If I ever want to empty my mind and fill it with tranquility, this is where my feet head.

A moderately clean beach, with gentle waves knocking against the soft sand shores. Come for a walk, or for a meditation by the ocean waves or just to sit and stare at the twilight skyline by the big ships.
Its a savoury dish served to your soul

Pick # 3 Botanical Gardens

Magical trees beckon you into their home where you will be most definitely greeted by the rare black swans and a plethora of laid back turtles

Take a picnic mat, a bottle of bubbles and the sky of stars will be your muse for the evening.

Pick # 4 Fort Canning Park

This place is a heaven, given you visit it right after the raspy rains. Relish the rich foliage and click to your hearts fill for there are some excellent photo oppurtunities.

If you ask me, take your favourite book, sit by the water fountain(finding it is the key), and simply get lost into a different world that awaits to embrace you

Pick # 4 Pasi ris Park

This is a sure seat to spot animals and birds in their natural habitat.

Otters, nesting herons, Buffy fish Owl and famous for snakes especially the three-to-five-meter Python that is occasionally seen at the beach during the sunrise.

Grab a friend (mostly for safety) and if you want to showcase your photography talent, your DSLR and set aforth to the natural zoo that is Pasir ris park.
But, Be a little cautious while walking through the Mangroves..

A great viper water snake that I saw during my visit.

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