BreadZs: By Andres Torres


BreadZ is a NFT collection of 5,500 unique and different style bread. This project has been created with a a anticipation of 3 months before launching.

Why BreadZ? The reason why we named this collection BreadZ is because when my team where discussing which characters we want to made up our nft’s we where eating toasted bread. And the Z we add it because we don’t want it to look boring.

What do I win by buying a BredZ? You could be part of a limited group of people around the world. You will have a pass for a umpcomig collection where only owners of a BreadZ can enter and purchase. It can be sold or bought only by people who have a BredZ, if it is discovered that someone who does not own a BreadZ has an nft of that collection, the seller will be banned from the BreadZ group.

How much would a BreadZ will cost? The base price of a BreadZ is 0.09 ETH which is equivalent to approximately 280 dollars. The highest base price will be 1.2 ETH which is equivalent to approximately $3,770. The price will go up or down depending on how the sales are.

The appearance of a BreadZ will be with different hats, accessories, beards, hair and more. The funds of these will be of a single color except the exclusive ones.