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We are so glad you are here, and can’t wait to help you break all of the chains!

We are Team Breaking Chains. We are committed to breaking the chains that hold us back from having the life we long to live. The chains of being stuck in an unfulfilling 9-5 job, the chains of self-limitations and preconceived ideas of your own capabilities, and the chains placed on us by society as women, wives, mothers, and career women. We can break them all and have create the life we want to live!

Here, you will find all of the resources, support, and training you will need to lead you to success. Please ensure you are plugged into all of your resources to ensure you are fully supported, and are using the duplicatable methods provided for you!

Let’s get to work, beautiful!

Team Breaking Chains Training

Business & Success

There is so much to being an artist outside of makeup. Here, you’ll find all the practical help you need to run your business as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

This list is ever growing, and will be updated frequently. Be sure you check back & stay up to date in group chats and Facebook Groups as trainings will be announced there!

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