Co-Parent β€’ Beauty β€’ Entrepreneur

A Mom with A Vision

Hello! First I would like to say thank you for checking out my links! πŸ’•

Let me introduce myself, my name is Breanna and I am 29 years old living in the beautiful sunny California. I am a boy mom to a 9 year old, whom I co-parent. Grateful that it has been working for his dad and I but don’t get me wrong there are struggles that come with coparenting too.

I am somewhat new to the whole beauty industry. I started my love for makeup probably close to 2/3 years ago but came to realize just how much I love it just in the past year. Which leads me to one of my endeavors to entrepreneurship.

I was a beauty guide with Limelife by Alcone, an all-natural makeup & skincare company. I joined during a time that I had this ache in my heart from losing a friend and I needed some sort of escape. I was with the company for over a year before I resigned and what I gained was so much more than I thought I would. Besides the extra income, which was great, I mostly benefited from gaining back my confidence and growing friendships with women all over the country.

After leaving LL, I was introduced to a different makeup company that was everything I am looking for currently. So, I decided to become an artist for Seint Beauty. It’s simple, affordable and ALWAYS shops free! For this and many more were the reasons why it resonated with me & to be able to provide it for my customers was a BIG turning point.

Now, during COVID-19 pandemic I joined my mother in opening our own business named BreAnd’s Creations. We offer flower arrangements, personalized gifts + much more. We are currently working locally to Temecula, CA for our arrangements but you can find us on Etsy for any of the other items.

I hope I can help you find what you’re looking for whether it’s to surprise a special person in your life with one of my arrangements from BreAnd’s or help enhance the beauty inside with Seint Beauty….let’s see what the future holds...
Follow my journey & start creating yours! πŸ’•