Thank YOU for Cumming❣️

We just really want to take a moment to appreciate you.

We thank you for the continuous support, smiles, (D)joys, and other GREAT feelings caused by YOU each day.

Because of you, someone’s life was made a bit easier. && for that reason, we wanna put you in a position to receive your roses❣️🌹❣️🌹❣️🌹❣️

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Remember - only you can love the way YOU do❣️❣️

You deserve your roses, too❣️


To love one’s self

Is the beginning of a perfect romance.

A bubble bath. A bottle of your favorite Stella with a couple shots of Henn. Roll something up and suck on some chocolate while vibing to your favorite playlist. 🥴 You know, the one we put on when we’re getting R E A D Y..

Only this time you’re getting prepared for YOU..

In all that you are.. In full control of everything that you can be. Just you. Not the job. Not the kids. Not the hurt. Not the bills. Not the worries. Buts. Ifs. Ands. Or any other concerns.

Just You.

Creating your own atmosphere. Controlling your own steps. Intensifying your own vibrations.



When's the last time you heard yourself B R E A T H E, baby? Think about it. I think you deserve that.

You ready?! Get ready.

Press Play. 👈🏾

Welcome Note

“Give them their roses….”

BREATHE was founded primarily for hard working and deserving women who sometimes are entirely too busy to decompress. BREATHE gives back by not only instilling self-love but by also dedicating 10% of all proceeds to Djourneyz (INC) Scholarship Fund.

Djourneys INC is a non-profit (say this next part loud) 🙏🏾🙏🏾MULTIMILLION DOLLAR 🙏🏾🙏🏾 umbrella company created on behalf of my son - Djourney. It stands as a reminder that there are NO LIMITATIONS. We must all be aware that the sky is the only limit and we NEVER have to settle on just one thing.

Our goal is to allow you to have a moment, recognize and appreciate who you are, value YOURSELF, && never rely on another person to ensure that YOU feel good. You've gotta remember to ALWAYS take care of YOU.

Each toy presented has been tested && COOKIE APPROVED. 🅿️💯✅ Guaranteed to make you take that DEEP breath. You know what I'm talking bout! 😏 && if you don’t....we're gonna make you learn today‼️

Thank you all again for your love and willingness to seek and please your inner self again❣ We appreciate you!


Escape yourself.

Panty Princess

B r e a t h e

Dominate Your Fears

Original “OG” Rose

Soft silicone. Smooth. Body-Safe.

This lil'sucka - literally- should be called the "IG Rose" due to it's INSTANT gratification. The OG rose is cute enough to sit openly on a dresser, yet, compact enough to fit in a purse, glove compartment, or make a last minute fit into your "spinnanight" bag. The OG can be used during solo play or with a partner. It is used to suck and tease the clit, nipples, anal areas, && any other spot of sensitivity waiting to be found.

As previously stated, with just ONE click of it's button, the rose performs multiple sucking patterns - formulated by air formed bursts - the rose stimulates through it's bubble-like sensations && takes you for the quickest and most satisfying ride of your life. #EmbraceYourself && please, don't forget to B R E A T H E.


Thumpin Thumper

5 sucking modes + 8 vibrations.

Lil’Thump Thump make that thang Jump Jump❣️🤪

With a sucker like the rose, two vibrating bunny ears, && a head just large enough for you to palm and control...

“I’m tryna see what that be like..I ain’t never had that before!” - DaeDae 😂

The “Intimidator”

Let’s begin by stating: This does not HAVE to be inserted into your butt.

You may now exhale. 🥴

With 3 super satisfying parts to it’s purpose, “The Intimidator” immediately requires one to take a deep breath simply due it’s form and functions!

3 Vibrating Levels of Penetration
+ 4 additional patterns of vibrations. (7 total❣️)
3 Sucking Intensities.
6 Soft && Flexible “Pressure” Beads.
100% Silicone
Waterproof && Rechargeable.

Intimidate Me

The Plug

Stick it up && Plug it in.

You can take Lil’Daddy just about anywhere you need to go.

A good solid 7 inches with a lil weight on him. Attaches to Showers. Dressers. Countertops. Walls. Tables. The side of the car…YOU NAME IT❣️

Plug it up, Push him in, && Ride the waves.

Bedroom Commands

Yes Daddy….

Not Simon Says…but Do what “Dirty Daddy” says or simply let the “Sexy Bitch” run the show.

108 miniature cards guaranteed to expand your mind, open up your legs, & spice up your love life.

Hook, Line, && SINK her.

The Purple People Eater

With much flexibility, vibration, &&
intensity - this “J” shaped jawn rotates in circles from the top and vibrates on through its small base to the tip. Massaging around your inner sides and sending mass vibrations to your outer sides, HLS will absolutely HOOK, LINE, & SINK you.

This toy can be used solo or with a partner && has also been highly recommended for same sex relations.

Mr “Petty” Panty Pleaser

Don’t suck it; Just lick it.

The “Petty” Panty Pleaser may not give you all you want, but he won’t fail to provide you with all you need.

He has his limitations.

Unlike the sucking of the “OG” rose, Mr.Petty is known for his licking abilities. With 10 exclusive tongue frequencies, he manipulates the clitoris while his counterpart submerges it’s leaf like veins within. With 10 ADDITIONAL frequencies & in/out motions - Mr.Petty will take you out your panties and into ecstasy.

Double-Teaming DAWG

Cookie’s favorite. 😈

Original version of this came from Tracy. “Tracy’s Dog” - But this mf right here?! That’s MY Dawg❣️

The Dawg penetrates….it massages….it latches on to your clit like a newborn to a nipple and will not hesitate to suck you dry. This one is my favorite. It gives everything that it needs to give and requires you to relax in order for you to get everything it is you came for.

Guaranteed to cum. Over. 🥴 & over. 😩 & over again. 😈

All I’ma say is…..Please don’t
hesitate to book this look❣️😂

Tornado Warning

This is NOT a Drill! - (Nutty Buddy not included)

The Tornado (red) is a tongue full of twisters❣️

Just close your eyes and click your heels twice as it creates the flurries needed to release any fears or frustrations.

With 10 variations of frequencies it is guaranteed to make you believe that it is - in fact - the Wizard of your OZ!


Brought to you by Djourneyz, INC.

BREATHE stands as a reminder to value one's self on a mental, physical, emotional - & rather intimate level.

The goal is to take hold of one moment where one can allow themselves the ability to relax, unwind, && BREATHE - even if it’s just for a little while. 😉 We gotta make it count.


We stand behind our products so that our clients may be confident in standing behind us❣️

Meeka B.

The rose and the shower 🌹🚿 is the perfect combo to make my pearl blossom 😏. That mf get me right everytime. Scared to use all the levels on it fr , but my rose is fasho my side bitch 🤤🥰.


Hunny let me tell y’all I was giving a rose from this amazing business as a gift , and it’s some dangerous... it will have you not even thinking about a man 🤪 from the different vibrations, to the legs shaking, to the squirting‼️ I highly recommend getting yourself a rose ... the feeling is like no other 💦


Whew, the Dawg about took my soul 💀 I didn’t expect it to be that strong, so be warned lol hydrate and take your time 😂 100% recommended!

FiGi G.

Oh the soul snatching clit grabbing squirt attacking Toy! Mmmm….What can I say?

Miki T.

The “lovespouse” is the devil...

Bei W.

I think me & my husband knocked my period on adding my damn rose to the mix 🥴Bitch I ain’t even know I wet up whole beds like that until I had to sleep in it 😴 All I know is, I guard the is mf with my life and I imma buy the damn squirrel here soon. I love yo ass 😂😂😂😂

Kris D.

- Professional, responsive, knowledgeable in all toys she sells. I already have the 🐶 but I received the 🌹 last night - && honesty….throw the whole damn man away because he ISN’T needed!

Shae R.

Literally took 30 second and I came all down my leg!!!! Had to look around to make sure nobody was looking in my window cause baby I was screaming!!! This thing is the devil but heaven sent lmao


I used it I didn’t like it. It just felt like a vibrator on my head. Can’t really get a good stroke with it. I tried getting it wet it helped a lil but it just wasn’t for me. I’m gonna try it again tho. I’m gonna put some lube in that bih next time lol. Maybe get something we can slide all the way into you know. Cause this thing only hits the head and can’t really feel the tongue and all, just vibration.

Fun Facts❣️

Some things to keep in mind.

Bodily Benefits

Sex helps you sleep better, boost-infection fighting antibodies, & can also be considered a very minor work out. (5 cal per minute)

Communication Barriers

Sex opens the door for communication. Self-Self sex allows one to become better in tune with their body, pleasures, dislikes, && gives the ability to teach what it is that they enjoy.


Sex can increase your “recall skills. So that “forgetful” thing you do…it’ll help. 😂

Period Sex

Period sex is beneficial; especially to those - with cramps, headaches, have longer periods, bad attitudes, or simply overly horny. 🥴

Sex, Self-Love, Mental Health

Sex and Mental Health can definitely go hand-in-hand. It not only reduces the effects of stress but it also encourages a positive self-image.

Use Lube

Lube reduces friction and works to ensure nothing gets ripped, torn, scraped, or damaged. It lessens the chances of condoms popping which therefore also lessens risks of STI’s.

Got some minutes to blow?!

Blow’em with us❣️😂

Hey ya’ll❣️ It’s Me - Cookie❣️

Your Favorite Toy Plug.