About Breathing.Aether

Tarot & Crystals

Hiya my Lovelies! Chances are, if you’re here you already know who I am and what I do. If you don’t, my name is Keighley and I’m a Certified Tarot Reader and I’m on a journey to share my practices with you.

I’ve had two years experience in reading tarot and I’ve always used crystals to help me heal my emotional and physical body thus making me very knowledgable on them.

It is here where you will find my services and any of the crystals from my personal collection that I will be selling on to find their forever homes.

Tarot Reading Reviews


An absolutely wonderful reading. Keighley is so “so thorough and detailed in her readings and you can clearly tell she is very talented at what she does. She takes huge amount of pride in her work and doesn’t give herself enough credit for what a truly special human she is. I will 100% be having more readings with Keighley in the future and recommending her to my friends.” - Etsy Review


“A very thorough and well explained reading, seller was very welcoming, polite and informative. Reading was also supplied quickly, a really lovely experience I couldn’t recommend it enough if you find reading for yourself difficult or don’t know how to do it and want a reading done ☺️”


“Wowww!! Seriously thank you so much, I’m absolutely blown away. I love tarot readings and I’m so glad I found you! This was so extremely helpful and accurate!! You have an amazing gift. I needed these words so much right now. I wish you nothing but the best and hope to do more readings with you in the future!”


“I received the reading, definitely helped me a lot to try and figure out what I should work on first 😊 I liked the way you did the reading being optimistic and seeing the good side of each card!”

“Also, the picture is so aesthetic and pretty! 🥺 Thank you so much!! ❤️”