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Bree’s Faves

Hi Y’all!
Here’s a quick look into the MONAT brand & our amazing carefully made products.

View & Learn about my top fave skin & hair products!

Dermatologist & Opthalmologist tested
Backed by our Scientific Advisory Board
Giving you formulas that perform

Targeted Hair Repair

A gentle way of repairing split ends with no harmful sulfates, colors, or fragrances.

This will help improve hair color by targeting split ends and other damaged areas along the hair.

Volumizing Conditioner

Helping increase haute density in fine limp hair by delivering moisture and vital nutrients to energize hair root to end

Air Dry Cream

If you don’t always have time to style your hair this is an easy to use product that leaves your hair with an effortless heatless style

Delivers frizz free results to tame and soften your hair

Perfect for on the go use

Oil Intensive

A unique blend of over 13 essential oils and plant oils that pair perfectly with your skin, scalp, & hair.

Rich in omega fatty acid and antioxidants this provides nourishment for anti aging while leaving a long lasting shine.

A huge plus is it’s silicone free!

Foamy Cleanser

Are you look for a luxurious cleanser that cleans out impurities without removing your skins moisture?

The Be Balanced line is a personal fave because it leaves your skin feeling velvet smooth leaving your skin with a glow of healthier skin.

Hydration Booster

Replenish your skins natural moisture with this ultra hydrating serum

Leaves skin with a plump finish

Use on Face & Neck