Hey there! Nice to see ya!

Hi! I’m Bri, a 24 year year old with a heart full of passions! I’ve been a photographer for 9 years, recently graduated school in Medical Sonography, and recently discovered a company that provides premium grade vitamins + a healthy lifestyle!

On my free time, I love listening to music, going to the beach, spending time with family, going to baseball games, exploring the mountains, and OH! I’m a huge disneyland fan. ✨

I just cant live without!

3 simple steps that lead you to feeling your absolute best! (Sounds cheesy but it’s just facts)

Step 1 — Vitamin Capsies!

Take first thing in the morning!
(I usually feel these within 10 minutes)
• weight management
• supports healthy joint functions
• calms general discomforts
• antioxidant support
• lean muscle support
• digestive & immune support

Step 2 — Lifestyle Shake!

You’ll make this shake about 20 minutes after taking your capsies!
(Taste is not chalky & does not have that “diet” taste”
*vitamin shake NOT a protein shake*
• ultra micronized
• nutrient & mineral dense formula
• probiotic & enzyme blend
• antioxidant & extract blend
• lean muscle support
• weight management or fitness
• gluten free
You can get creative with your shakes however you want!
There are 6 flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Apple Pie, Strawberry, Pumpkin Spice, & Candy Cane

Bonus Step — Sculpt!

Sculpt is literally my favorite capsule on planet earth. If you’re really looking to cut down inches, meet your new best friend!
• proprietary branch chain amino acids
• assists lean muscle definition
• encourages weight management
• supports muscle tone
• burns fat
• stress reduction
• mental clarity
You can take these with water like a normal person but if you’re a big baby like me, I open the capsules and put them in my shakes! Same affect and no nasty taste! 🤩
*works tremendously well when taking with all 3 steps!*

Step 3 — DFT Patch

“Dermafusion Techology”
Stick your DFT on after you make your shake. This provides all day nutrients while taking toxins out!
• weight management
• appetite control (truly works)
• nutritional support
This little patch is my saving grace for constant snacking and overeating.