Creating my dream life

How I Turned IG into my full time job ↓

Assuming you’re new here, I wanna tell you a little bit about me! I am a cancer survivor, I’m a military spouse, I thrive off of freedom, and I love to share my life on the gram. I have a huge passion for helping others, and bringing light into others lives. I’ve been lucky enough to find some thing that gives me the flexibility and freedom that I want, by helping others and making an income from my social media. I also teach other woman how to do the exact same thing so they can pursue their own dreams.

I was working in a corporate job with no fulfillment. I had so many big dreams but I wasn’t in the environment to fulfill them. I craved freedom but I never knew how to get it. I was someone with no experience on Instagram, no experience in social-selling, or really any idea how to even monetize my social media… I wasn’t necessarily the perfect fit. But i was able to leave behind my corporate job travel as much as I want with my military spouse, create that freedom of my life that I’ve always wanted, I live life on my own terms, and actually be rewarded for the work I did.

My passion is being able to help women create a freedom in their life, that they’ve never had. Whether you’re a mom, military spouse, college student, 9 to 5er, travel bug- if you’re looking for an extra income, with empowering women, or your just wanting more freedom - let’s chat.

Feel free to ask me if I have spots open for social media mentoring they will go quick ♥️