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Hello, my name is Brenda and I am 31 years young. I am a wife and a mom of two awesome boys. Worked in the medical field for over 10 years and now I am a shampoo dealer haha! No, really I am. I was desperately looking for something to fix my hair after a perm gone terribly wrong, when a coworker told me about some products that could help me. After trying anything and everything I had nothing to lose by trying them. Long story short I fell in love with the products. In 2020 I got pregnant with my second baby and I went through postpartum hair loss. I was devastated because all the progress I made with my hair was gone! I decided to stay home with my kids and take some time off from work, that’s when MONAT was presented to me as an income opportunity. I BELIEVE in the products so much that I decided to become part of the # 1 luxury hair company in the US. Now, here I am telling you about me, my hair journey and ready to help YOU to reach your hair and skin goals. This opportunity not only have helped me with my hair journey but have also given me the extra income I needed. All from the the device you are holding in your hand right now. I am a mom that knows the struggle of juggling marriage, kids and work. Just a mom trying to help others reach their maximum potential. Lets get beautiful hair and skin together!