about bri!

Learn more about me and what I do!

hey all !
My name is Briana! I am 19 years old from Jersey & currently going to school for business management! I am a full time student who has a passion for fashion, make up and anything beauty! But I also love anything business related.
Around two years ago I started my part time job at Hollister & C.O. Or as many of you know I say HCO! because of this job I fell in love with everything business related and how it all works & my fashion taste lol! I grew fast in the company and was able to get promoted within 5 months of starting! This new position gave me more responsibilities and taught me so much about marketing and how the world of retail works. I unfortunately had to demote myself because I was going into school and for me school comes first. I was so sad to step down from the job I loved the most.

Luckily, my job was still there for me in the holiday season but everyone knows retail can get very hectic. I continued with my part time job just as a regular associate during my spring semester after the holiday season! I was then given my position once again since we had the opening.... but then covid hit!
I was so excited to start working as the position I left but unfortunately to the global pandemic that was not able to happen. I was home from school and had no job I really didn’t know what to do & that’s when an opportunity came for me!

I was reached out by a girl who does network marketing, telling me how I can make an income during these hard times. I didn’t believe it at first. I was skeptical ... but i did my research & I made my investment! And let me tell you it was worth it. I started network marketing just so I had some money during the pandemic! Now while the pandemic is still for sure here, I’m doing the business for a whole other reason! The community in this is incredible, so many people who understand my struggles and understand where I’m coming from. Everyone got hit with this pandemic in some sort of way!
My goal is to help people ! How you may ask? Well, first off this opportunity can give you time and financial freedom. You are given all the resources to help you succeed. But let’s say the business isn’t for you! I can still help you!

Your hair and skin is a big part of you! And frankly a lot of beauty comes from within! But sometimes, a happy overall mind can be able to happen with great hair and skin! I have curly hair and y’all let me tell you, it’s something that defines me. Before using these products my hair was dead and bleh now I’ve seen nothing but healthy hair and great curls!

My skin was always an issue. Sometimes I would pick out all my flaws and it would be my acne. I’ve tried tons of acne medication and nothing helped until I was given a system that is meant for my specific skin wants and needs! As I continued in self confidence and learning about myself... I grew to be a healthy person loving myself inside and out! I’m still learning new things and I would love to bring you along with me ! Even better if I can be a part of that evolving with you!

I hope my story helps others in finding their purpose! More to come ! If anything always reach out on my ig:@brianagalofre

Can’t wait to speak to you❤️