Briana Garza

dream hard WORK HARDER

Hi everyone, I’m Briana! I’m a 22 year old college graduate who is looking to achieve her goals and live a fulfilling life. I know you’re probably wondering what exactly I do and how am I doing it? Well, I was given the opportunity to make money all from my phone!

Yes, you heard that right! I make money selling hair and skin products and I love it! You’re probably wondering how that is even possible? Less than a month ago I said, “Yes” to the this amazing opportunity to be able to work a business all from my phone. I was stuck and scared at the thought of not being able to provide for myself after I graduate from college. I wanted to be able to stop depending on my parents and be able to depend on myself. With everything going on in the world it almost seemed impossible to find a stable job, until I found this.

This opportunity came and I just couldn’t say “No” to it! I have so many goals and dreams that I want to reach, so to be able to work from my phone and still be able to focus on my studies felt like a dream. I was hesitant at first and scared that people will judge me, but I changed my mindset and started to think for myself and my future! I want to be able to show people that you can do anything that you put your mind to, no matter what the circumstances may be. In just the few weeks that I’ve been doing this not only have I made money, but I have grown as person. I hope to continue to grow, while also helping people achieve their hair and skin goals!

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