I’m Briana (bree-anna) from PIAS Apex 😊
I’m a Financial Broker who provides tailored financial strategies.

I believe that financial prepared-ness is the way to having a peace of mind in this lifetime.

I find satisfaction when I am able to give my clients a bird’s eye view of their finances, and to be able to help them with financial preparedness so that they will be able to focus on what matters most to them - their family, businesses and life goals.


My services

4 Financial Pillars

  1. Wealth Protection

    Wealth Protection

    Protecting your savings from being wiped out on rainy days in the event of sickness or disability

  2. Wealth Accumulation

    Wealth Accumulation

    Helping you optimize your cash flow to build up your net worth and wealth to achieve meaningful life goals.

    From owning your dream property, to having different streams of passive income.

  3. Wealth Preservation

    Wealth Preservation

    Safe guarding your money from unnecessary leakage such as income tax or even home loan refinancing.

  4. Wealth Distribution

    Wealth Distribution

    Legacy planning for your loved ones
    - Will & Trust
    - Lasting Power of Attorney
    - Protect lifetime accomplishments from leakages in the transferring process
    - Enhance wealth and create immediate estate that can last through generations

Events and Webinars

Signature Series webinar for our clients

  1. Legacy planning 101

    Legacy planning 101

    Get to learn:
    Lasting power of Attorney & Mental
    Incapacity Act
    Differences between Will & Trust
    Different types of Trust - How to
    transfer assets to your beneficiaries
    consistent with your goals and objectives
    - How to protect your lifetime
    accomplishments from leakages in the
    transferring process
    How to enhance your wealth and create
    an immediate estate that can last

  2. Investment talk 2022

    Investment talk 2022

    Get updated on:
    Market outlook for economic growth amid
    a worldwide health pandemic
    How to harvest recurring income in
    uncertain times
    Spotting themes and investing in the
    - Global equities and China equities