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Wifey | Mommy of 3 | Authentic and Intentional

My household is ALWAYS busy! I have a hubby who is up for work at 3:30am 😳 so mornings get crazy with just me and the kids. He works his full time job and is starting his photography/videography business on the side so let’s just say he might have his hands a bit full. I have a son who is headed into High School next year and plays basketball for a private team so his practice and travel schedule for tourneys is crazy. A true princess/girly girl who is 3 and LOVES to help mommy with everything. So sweet, but we all know that means it takes at least double the time to get anything done. And my youngest little man just turned one and started walking so he’s a busy little bee!

Between a hectic schedule, being a wife, running 3 kids around, dinners, laundry, quality time with them...I had lost myself and what makes me happy. I had gained weight, I didn’t have time for myself at all and when I did I just wanted to sit in silence. Even hanging out with my girlfriends felt like a chore and too much work because if I took a few hours off then what would be behind when I got back? And don’t get me wrong, anyone who knows me knows that my love for my family runs deep! They are my everything and bring me soooo much joy. But this year taught me that to be best for them I also needed to take care of myself.

Now I’ve joined an amazing company and team that is all about community and supports me beyond measure. I feel refreshed and connected and a major bonus for me is many of the leaders LOVE Jesus so we can grow and praise together as well. And don’t get me started on the products!! I’m losing pounds and inches like crazy even when I might not eat the best or get all my steps in. And you know what??? That’s ok!

This is my real life. I’m not perfect and never will be. But God loves me and made me PERFECT in His eyes. I challenge you to be authentic and intentional about your time. It’s ok not to have it together all the time and it’s ok to not live up to whatever made up expectations the world has about being a wife or mom or woman. Embrace you 💕

I would love to hear your story so let’s connect,