Hey, Welcome!!

My name is Brianna

Here’s a little about me:

- I live a life I’m proud of & from outside my comfort zone!
- 19 years old
- born & raised in NJ
- full time college student
- I love Jesus
(but I’m human so hold onto your judgment)
- working on my Personal Training & Group
Fitness Instructor certifications
- strong espresso shots & the beachhhhh
(chef’s kiss!)
- life ain’t easy so I’ll always keep it real
- type 2 enneagram (explains a lot, trust me!)

Why do I share my life on here?

It’s pretty simple honestly.

I run a business from my phone.
Not many people my age can say that.
Honestly, not many people my age can do that.

It’s not easy but it’s completely worth it because no other job EVER could give me everything this business has provided for my life.

- a community that inspire and motivates me daily
- working on my own schedule
- personal development
- a new outlook on life
- uncapped income
+ endless opportunity
- earn a free car
- earn free vacations
.... the list goes on...

First thought is probably like, “this is too good to be true” or you think it’s fake or something right?!

It’s absolutely real & I work with hundreds of men & women who either needed this opportunity to change their situation or have a passion for helping others (I was a little bit of both).

YOU want to be next?

If you are interested or even confused 😂, swipe to the next page & fill out the “work with me” quiz
DM me “biz”
I’ll answer ANY & ALL of your questions, talk soon!