Mother. Lover. Market Partner

Hello, as you may know my name is Brianna. I am a full time mom, fur mom, remote BSC employee, and Monat Market Partner. Starting my role into Motherhood has completely changed my perspective as to what a “happy life” should be and believe me when I say it isn’t the money I'm after, it’s the freedom to live life on my own terms with my family. There comes a point in life when you realize that you have to do what truly makes YOU happy and nothing has brought me more joy than being a present mom. Given the opportunity with MOnat is allowing me to start the journey to do so. And also help others find a hair/skin care and wellness solution. From my teenage years to early twenties I suffered with extreme cases of dermatitis. It took years for doctors to find a solution and study my daily routines to determine allergies. After giving up all hope I turned to all Natural ingredient products... From All things beauty I was forced to make a change and doing so has made me want to share my experience. Not only have I found safe care for my well being but also for our planet! I joined Monat to become part of an empowering community. To change my lifestyle & someone’s life whether it’s financially or help enhance wellness. And to promote a company that wants to end that 9-5!

“Generational wealth starts with one risk taker, you roll the dice.”

Join me !