About Me!

Young entrepreneur who’s passionate about helping others network, and change their lives by sharing a life changing opportunity

Hi starseeds!

My name is Bri i’m a 19 year old college student. I’m from Hillsboro, Oregon & currently attending Portland State University to get my degree in biology!

I love adventuring, hiking, yoga, and meditating. I have 26 house plants & i couldn’t even count how many crystals i have. I’m a very spiritual person that’s all about self healing!

As a person i love to help others, & i know so many people who aren’t happy with their career. I always ask them, “If you aren’t happy with what you’re doing, then why continue to do it.” Amirite? The answer is always the same no matter who i ask & it’s always “money. But what if there is a really cool & easy way to make money right from your phone?!? anddddd… there is!

I currently work for a company that sells vegan hair & skin products & boyyy let me tell you! Not only do i have extremely flexible hours, but i can work from WHEREVER whenever. That’s not even the best part, ever since i started working for this company my financial stress went 📉

Everyone has potential & i’m here to help you see it through! Help me by letting me help you. ;)

About our products

Just like you, your hair deserves to be healthy and happy

“What makes you guys different from the drug store shampoos?”
I’ve gotten this question so many times and i’m always so glad to answer it! We are the ONLY products that penetrate all 3 layers of the hair shaft. Our products are infused with healthy rich oils that are able to heal your hair.

Monat is the first and only clinically proven anti-aging beauty brand. Our products feed delicious nutrients to the core of the shaft~ strengthening it and promoting growth!

All buildup and waxes that are clogging up your hair follicles are STRIPPED.

Before using Monat

My hair was absolutely damaged. I’ve dyed it so many times during the year, it just had ENOUGH. I couldn’t take the hint until my hair started breaking off every time I ran my fingers through it.

I tried using other hair care brands that made promises to nourish and revive my hair, but they were false.

I was extremely frustrated because I wasn’t able to style my hair since it no longer could take heat.

Just 1 week after using Monat

These are REAL results, I don’t style my hair to make it look “healthier”.

As you can see my hair looks more moisturized~ softer & shinier. One week after using the Renew shampoo and conditioner, I noticed my hair started breaking off less and less.

My hair is slowly returning to the way it used to be!

Still not convinced??

Ashlee was one of the first people who believed in us. She was going through a hardship and had to get chemotherapy.

She chose US to help with her healing process and help we did.