Hi beautiful soul! If you’re here that means you want to know a little more about me, so here it is—
My name is Brianna Mayle and I am 23 years young. I 100% believe that I was put on this planet to spread positivity, to love others and to make an impact! Helping others truly makes my heart happy. As you can see from my feed, family and friends are a really big part of my life. I love to laugh, adventure, live life to the fullest and just be spontaneous!! I also love to sing, dance, (this is no way means that I am professional) and just be a child at heart!!

Another huge part of my life is MY CAREER. In 2020 I stumbled upon a life changing opportunity! Network Marketing, with my description of a perfect company to partner with. I have the opportunity to make an uncapped weekly pay, so many bonuses, earn free trips and a Cadillac!! Besides the tangible things they have to offer me, I have also accumulated so many new friends that are family to me now. They have uplifted and inspired me on a daily basis to the point that it has given me that PUSH to be the best person I can be. The biggest thing I’ve taken away from partnering with this multimillion dollar company is—
To have anything significant, you have to be the most significant you.

Im going to leave off with that because I just find it so powerful!!!!

Now you know a lot about ME, shoot me a dm & let’s chat about you! 🤍