About me

So everyone who knows me knows this has been a crazy year.. The struggles with schooling, being a mom, being a good woman, being a better student, working on my dreams on the side.
I’ve been fighting mentally on all of these areas plus sobriety on top of it.
Taking a trip away from the negativity helped me in seeing my vision better, my future self and my kids.

I’ve been using my coffee for a year or so, maintaining a keto lifestyle now & finally decided to make another move towards bettering myself & my future!

I partnered with a faith-based company, health & beauty small business with itWorks 🤍☕️
I know there will be a lot of “advice” given to me but please refrain.
Hold your tongue unless it’s positivity. I’m moving into the next chapter of my life leaving everything behind negative!

I’m so excited to be doing this because I’ve loved the products so long now & I figured it’s time to stop holding myself back! 🤷🏽‍♀️
I want to start other sources of income & I thought starting a small business with the products I already use would make the most sense.

Thank you guys for always being willing to support me & my girls’ journey & I can’t wait to see where this takes us✨