Brick Wars Original Series

What is Brick Wars about?
Brick Wars is like Star Wars but I write my own original stories, while also including some of the characteristics of Star Wars.

How is Brick Wars Made?
Brick Wars is made by stop motion animation.
I use my phone (iPhone 11) to take pictures and then Stop Motion Studio puts the photos together, and it becomes a video.

What Equipment do I use?
I use a phone (iPhone 11)
An iPad (iPad 7th generation)
Lamps for good lighting, and Lego for the sets.
The background is just a poster board, though sometimes I use Green screen.

My YouTube channel

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Brick Wars Episode 1 | Happy Birthday!

Star Wars Scripts


*Kylo slowly walks through a hall

*While walking, he is slicing, chopping, and killing stormtroopers

*He throws stormtroopers up in the air using the force

*He then makes his way to the end of the hall

*Kylo presses a button and a door opens up

*When the door is open you can see a room

*In the room there is a person a holding a lightsaber

*The person is Luke skywalker

*Luke says “NO!”

*Kylo then begins fighting Luke

*While fighting Kylo says “You need a teacher! I can show you the ways of the force”

*Luke says “The force” While trying to hold back kylo’s lightsaber

*He pushes kylo ren’s lightsaber back

*kylo falls to the ground

*Kylo then gets up, and starts kicking Luke’s butt (Not literally kicking his butt)

*He then kills Luke!

*Kylo presses the button in the room

*This button is for bombs that they put in earlier that day, so they can blow up the building and kill all the good guys in it. That’s why Luke was in there, he was trying to stop kylo ren from pressing the button.

*Kylo takes off his mask

*Under his mask is a huge surprise

*He has a chicken head!

*He then runs to his ship and takes off

*Then the building blows up

*All the good guys in the building die!

To be continued...

(The question is… is Luke really dead?)