Bright Diet

Seafood Soup

Seafood meals are always considered delicate and rich meals. Imagine starting your meal with having a bowl of hot soup filled with shrimps, calamari, mussels, and cream. This Seafood Soup you will never stop loving because of its richness and tastiness.

Burger Wrap with Mushroom

This burger recipe has nailed them all. Our homemade healthy delicious burger wrap will satisfy your needs enough so You don't need to crave for burgers anymore while you're on diet. Just go and follow these steps to get this heavenly delicious burger wrap topped with this creamy mushroom sauce. Enjoy every bite of this mouthwatering mushroom and cheese burger wrap.

Roasted Lamb Shank with Vegetables

Roll up your sleeves for this juicy roasted lamb shank. This dish is one of the most delicious dishes you may eat while following a strict diet. Have you ever imagined that choosing a full-fat piece of meat would be helping you to lose weight?!
Why on earth to eat lean meat while you can eat this delicious juicy roasted lamb shank in Keto diet!

Blueberries & Spinach Juice

Spinach and Blueberries! What a unique mix between full of vitamins vegetable and deliciously sweet fruit. You just can't miss trying this rich healthy power giving a glass of juice in the morning before heading to the gym to give you energy for better performance or after finishing your workout to give you energy for a fresh start of the day.

Keto Fried Chicken Tenders

The 2 words diet and fried have never mixed together, but in keto diet they do.

Avocado Salad

Crunchy mix of colorful vegetables with avocado added to them to make a full healthy meal.

Stuffed Vegetables

Enjoy the juicy delicious complete meal of fats, Minced meat, and Veggies.

Beef Shawarma

Enjoy this plate of lamb chops made with tahini and venegar sauce. It’s a Middle Eastern dish known as Shawarma. This dish is used to be made in the medeteranian sea countries. It has so many ways to be done with. But here in we have brought to you the most delicious way to cook Shawerma.

Coconut Cake

Have you ever tried Coconut Cake? It’s a dessert which will satisfy your sweet tooth in Keto.

Keto Buns

If you are always in a hurry in the morning and you need to grab a sandwich on the run for the busy days. Here we are presenting you the best Fluffy Keto Buns which will satiate you with no guilt.

T-bone steak with creamy mushroom sauce

Adding Butter on top of a Juicy T-Bone steak is something you will enjoy a lot with Keto Diet.

Chocolate Cheesecake

Following keto Diet will reduce your sugar cravings which will help you a lot in losing weight. But in case you want a dessert for a change then this is the ONE. Yes! stop searching on the internet and run to the kitchen to start preparing this mouthwatering indulging Keto Cheesecake. It's super easy, super quick and super delicious.

Keto Pizza

Don’t feel jealous when your friends gather around the large cheesy pizza. Make yours and enjoy.

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Bright Diet

What is Keto (Ketogenic) Diet?

Here is a brief about what is the meaning of The Ketogenic or “keto” diet. How it started and used as a treatment for several diseases to change peoples lives into better lives. It’s a low-carbohydrate, high-fat eating plan which originally created and mainly used for specific medical conditions to help control diabetes disease. In the past century this kind of diet was used as a treatment for epilepsy in children in whom medications were ineffective.

The Scale reading isn’t an indicator for being fit

Many people measure their success and the efficiency of their diets according to the number they get when stepping on the scale, which is a big fat mistake. Scale reading is not the goal.

Since the number which appears on the scale doesn’t show the real success and the real results of your efforts while committing to a healthy meal plan. Here we are going to explain to you why you shouldn’t focus on your weight on the scale.

Coffee in Keto Diet

Have you ever imagined that you can turn your morning coffee as a fat burner? Is coffee in keto diet a thing can help in losing weight?

Yes! This is applicable with Keto Diet as you can make every bite of your food and every sip your drink count.

Here in, we are introducing to you the Keto-friendly coffee and we will speak about its benefits.

Useful Hacks to Make Keto Easier

If you’re newly starting a healthy diet plan, and you chose this plan to be Keto Diet, then, first of all, we want to tell you it’s a great choice because you are going to enjoy its benefits which will be reflected on your health as well as your weight. Here in, we are bringing to you the best hack that you can use to make Keto dieting easier and simple

Is MCT oil useful with Keto Diet?

If we want to apply Keto correctly in order to lose more weight & be more active to get the best of our lives we need to reach the required level of fat intake.

How to Exercise with Ketogenic Diet

Lot’s of rumors and some old school nutritionists stated that following a Low-carb, High-fat meal plan may become an obstacle in front of performing well in the Gym or from being an athlete. The truth is that Keto Diet is a kind of diet which can be perfectly fitting in everyone’s life.

The Key of Success is strong will

Everyone starting diet will face some struggles in the beginning of it, due to lowering food intake, reducing sugars and carbohydrates.
With Keto diet there are some struggles you may face.