All about me!

Hey guys, Brigid here! I'm new to this whole thing definitely willing to give it a shot. I'm a single mother and I want to make the best for my little boy! Things have been really rough on us but the good weighs out the bad even with the circumstances.
A little more about me. I'm turning 24 in October of this year. My baby boy will be be 3 literally two weeks later. I love cooking and staying active as much as I can. I also love to mess with my hair whether it's different cuts, colors, or styles. I've started getting more into nails as well and though I'm not the best im definitely trying!


Writing is a very slow and concentrated concept. You need focus and motivation. In any way possible. Obviously I have multiple in the motivation department. My friends and family, my son and my wonderful boyfriend. Great ideas that YOU can put into writing and bring your ideas and thoughts to life. Have a nice, quiet, and comfortable place to focus. And for me at least a nice cup of coffee. Having your favorite playlist at hand is great also!
And ALWAYS remember to take breaks. The city of Rome wasn't built in one day, and neither will your story.


Poetry can sometimes be hard to figure out and even write! It doesn't matter what you're writing about. It can be about the wind and the rain, focusing more on your struggles and how you're going to get through them. Or even just a fun and positive poem!
There's no wrong way to write poetry as long as you know the meaning you are preceeding and it is executed well to the reader. They should be able to feel and relate to the poem as well as enjoy what they're reading.
And same goes for you! You should love what you're writing! If you don't feel like its your best, review and see what you can do to make it better!