Brina Baby: The Life I've Lived

How I became who I've been. How I've become who I am. This is the life I've lived.

Me as a whole.

The known & the unknown,
The good & the bad,
The beauty & the ugly,
The loved & the hated,
The envied & the feared.

Me as a whole.

I am an artist.
I am a writer.
I am me.

A dreamer,
A survivor,
A addict.
A daughter, sister & a mother.

Me as a whole.

I am the tales told and talked about,
I am the riddles rhymed & rapped about,
I am the adventure admired & advertised about,
I am me.
Brina Baby.
This is the life I've lived..

Every one has struggles & stresses.
Some are blessed with easier stresses and struggles.
Others, their struggles & stresses are harsh & cold hearted.
Mine are wicked,
I thought cruel & unusual punishment was banned.

On my site, you will see my original art and literature pieces. These pieces are how I express myself, who i am & what I've been through the best. I hope some one sees my page and recognizes me as me.

Me as a whole.

Brina Baby

"We accept the love we think we deserve" -Perks of Being A WallFlower

#1 Rule 2 Live By:

Always keep your head up unless theres money onna' ground.

#2 Rule 2 Live By:

Trust no one... Trust Your Struggle.

# 3 Rule 2 Live By:

believe in your hustle, don't believe in luck.