Who is Brinancii?

Most of you know me as Brianna or Bri (if we are close).

What is Brinancii then? It is a nickname my husband gave me which he often shortens to Nan or Nans. So random, lol.

I'm Mother a Wife but most importantly I'm a Woman. A Woman who often gets caught up in titles and accomplishments that I feel I "should have" at "my age". As a young 34 year old I often feel like I haven't accomplished anything because I'm "just" a Mother, just a stay at home Mom.

Not having a career often makes me feel like I don't have a voice. Society hasn't made me feel this way, but I feel this way based on my interpretation of what I see other people doing.

I want to change that by creating a space where I can voice my opinions and knowledge. Just so I can get it out. To prove to myself that I don't need a career to have to be interesting. I still have value and information to share. My monetary worth doesn't define me.

What Will I Be Sharing?

Healing Is Key

I'm all about self-care and that looks different for everyone. I enjoy reading, mainly about food, nutrition, aromatherapy, perfumery, spirituality and psychology. To me spirituality is much more than the religions of the world. It also includes mysticism, the occult, tarot, and astrology. I believe that many of the themes and symbols presented overlap and give me a broader understanding of human nature, the psyche and myself.

I believe in health of the mind, the spirit and the body(holistic health/healing) so I'm constantly on a journey to find things that resonate with my spirit.

I do so much research for myself and I want to share, but often times I can't just work this information into a conversation. The resources available on this page may resonate with you and they may not, but I just wanted to have an available resource for the curious mind.