Hello Lovely!

My name is Brittney,
Here’s a bit about me... I’m currently living in Bozeman, MT with my husband and doing online school at BYU. I absolutely love going up to the mountains on the weekend with my hubby, making brownies more thrown I should, and will always curl up with a beanie and blanket and eat curry till my heart’s content. I’m so glad that you decided to take the leap and stop by!

I decided to take the leap, try the products, and enjoy the change I saw in myself. I invested in my business after watching on the sidelines for almost a full year.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t uncomfortable to think about where is be if I made the leap sooner, the business, financially, friends I’ve made, the way my hair and skin would look, all of it. I may have sat on the fence for awhile, but I’m so glad I had the faith in myself and what I could do to make the plunge.

Honestly, put that fav song on and jam till you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You are capable of much more than you think. And you deserve the chance to find out just how much you’re capable of.

The time is now. So come work with me! Let’s fix your hair, let’s perfect your skin, let’s make you some money, and let’s create life long friendships.

Cheers to the future


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