About Brit

Passionate about helping women love themselves and shine from the inside out!

Hey Friend! Welcome to my corner of Instagram! I’m Brit: a wife to the best guy around, a dog mom to a sweet pup named Oakley, and a NEW mama to a sweet boy named Creighton. I’m just a woman trying to be who God made her to be. I LOVE summer, LOVE matcha lemonades, and LOVE going to the pool! I am a grad student in education, and a full time Pre-K teacher! I am a part time online fitness/lifestyle influencer teaching amazing women how to do the exact same thing.

A little bit about my journey...
I have always struggled with my weight and never learned how to really love or care for the body that God gave me. He created me in his perfect image, and it took me so long to realize that I am a precious gem. Ever since I remember I have wanted to be like the “other girls.” You know, the ones we all compare ourselves too: skinny, abs, and just beautiful. I tried everything to lose the weight from diet pills to counting calories and depriving myself. I would spend hours at a gym trying to work off the meal I ate at breakfast, and then eat a lunch and go back to the gym to try to burn those calories. It wasn’t until I started working from the inside out that I started to see results. They were slow but I started seeing them not only in my health and fitness, but also in my marriage, and my friendships. I had to work on all of the problems I had going on inside to start seeing sustainable results. It took me a long time and I am still working on it. I am passionate about helping other women who have struggled their whole lives with dieting to find freedom.