Britney C

LA Hairstylist & Healthy Hair Lover

Hey there! I'm Britney C Bailey. Yes, my middle name is just the letter “C”. Fun, huh? I’m was born and raised in the Santa Clarita Valley and now I am an LA resident in a tiny cottage with my boyfriend Ben, our border collie/aussie mix, Irene and our talkative tabby cat, Fancypants.

I spend most of my time enjoying life with my little family, being an entrepreneur or in my studio salon where i get to be creative and help people feel good about themselves. I am a sucker for healthy hair. I feel it is my most important duty as a stylist. Healthy hair = easier life.

If i couldn’t do hair I would definitely be doing something out doors or traveling the world. I am a National Park/nature junkie. I am just in constant awe of Mother Nature and this planet we get to call home. I also find the human brain and thought process fascinating and love to talk about feelings. I aspire to always be a person people can come to talk it out, without judgment. We all need someone to talk to. So lets learn about and navigate this weird life thing out together, and I’ll supply all of the information I know here. Wether it be beauty, fashion, life lessons, music, etc.

Thanks for stopping by!