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Hey Friends👋 Thank you for being here and checking me out. I
want to introduce myself to all my new friends and followers ❤

I live in a small town on Vancouver island 🇨🇦. I'm a stay at home mama to 5 kids. We have a 17 year old, then 4 little ones between the ages of 4-8 plus 2 furbabies🐶

Yes life is crazy but also so rewarding. I love to sharing about embracing the chaos of motherhood😂

We love to have fun, camping from spring-fall, and just getting out and exploring, I am a personal development junkie and just love living my life to the fullest❤

I am passionate about helping others. Before having kids I was a child and youth counselor specializing with ASD and absolutely loved my job. Due to chronic illness I had to stop.

Over the years I have tried to find something that brought out that passion again and have finally found it, by helping others finding their inner happiness and supporting them on their health & wellness journey, living our best lives is so important.

Being a SAHM can be tough, especially dealing with chronic illness and overcoming ppd without having family around. I am here to tell you that you can do it as well.

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