it’s nice to see you!

im brittany

wifey • mama • homebody • community craver

I connect others with transformative skincare & a vehicle for life change

I’m here to share things with you that have made my life as a new(ish) wife, new mom, and somewhat seasoned professional sports coach wife a little easier! it’s far from perfect here, hope you’ll join me.

using this platform for more than sharing sweet snaps of my baby & hubs is not something I planned on doing, but I actually love that this is where the world has gone! Using it responsibly & fighting against comparison is a constant battle. As hard as it may seem sometimes, it’s lovely & refreshing that people can pursue dreams differently now and Instagram is a powerful tool in that.

I have tons of things I love and a handful of strong passions. Currently you’ll see me working my little buns off to build a bridge to our dreams through what this season of life has handed to me. In short, this makes me the ((super)) proud owner of a virtual skincare franchise where I have the absolute honor of connecting women to transformative skincare that I truly believe will change their lives! I’ll never stop sharing this gift!

I have a superfluous amount of degrees & certifications, was a collegiate gymnast & oh— im also going to have my personal training cert. here in a bit— you’ll find much more than skincare here!
Stay tuned, drop me a line on my links page & my DMs are always open 👉🏼