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Don’t Be the Only One Standing In Your Way

Hiii!! If you already know me then here’s a little refresher on my life but if not, then welcome! I am 21 with my own home and a 9-5 job, not very exciting I know. And when I say I hit rock bottom this year I mean it. Financially, mentally, physically. All of it. But I have impressed myself in so many ways by being able to handle everything that has come my way recently. My goal in life is to not only prove to myself that I can be independent but also show others that you don’t need someone else to rely on. At the end of the day, I’m SO excited to look back and be able to say “yeah I did that on my own”. That’s one reason I decided to start this journey.

Anyway, chances are if you have found yourself here then you’re probably wondering what this whole Monat thing is about. Trust me, I didn’t get what all the hype was about at first either. I have ALWAYS been the type to just get whatever products are on sale at Walmart and roll with it. This was up until I started seeing the damage I was doing to my hair and skin. I wish I had known how much a difference healthy products really do make. So don’t be like the old me!!

Go take the quizzes to see what products will change your whole life. Seriously. And if you want to join me on this journey please don’t hesitate to make that jump.