You are worthy of more.

Hey lady, I’m Brittani!

Four years ago we weren’t struggling, but we certainly weren’t getting ahead. We were living paycheck to almost paycheck, weren’t able to be paying off any debt, didn’t have any savings, and definitely didn’t have anything for emergencies or anything extra.

I was working full time as a travel night shift nurse & realized the big life I wanted couldn’t be funded by my nursing career. I saw a friend and old coworker posting about products I needed for my mom belly and a business you could work from anywhere with your smartphone.

She told me other ladies were going debt free, paying for their hair and nails, vacations, and even retiring themselves with this business.

After 2.5 years I had surpassed my travel nurse income, we were able to buy our dream home, had already started paying off debt, and had a five figure savings.

Today, we no longer have to worry about paying our bills on time, budgeting for groceries, saying no to the things that bring us joy, and being able to give our kids the life they deserve. All from five seconds of courage we received freedom.

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