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“The world needs more people with courage like YOU”


My name is Brittany like Tiffany with 3 syllables ...
You can call me Britt though... I am a married SAHM of 5 beautiful children all 7 and under, so it gets pretty crazy at our house.

I have a masters in counseling, but after completing my internship I couldn’t see myself sitting behind a desk as I send my kids to day care everyday to build a career in what I thought was fulfilling my dream.

It’s something about that feeling after becoming a mom for the first time, you just want to hold your newborn baby so tight and spend every moment you can with them because stop doesn’t slow down or stop.

Family has always meant everything to me.
My best friend is my HUBBY!
I’m silly...
Basketball is my favorite sport.
I love cracking jokes.
I love pizza and ice cream, is unfortunately my jam.
Most importantly I love Jesus and I’m enjoying this life I am blessed with 🤍🤍🤍

Hopefully you feel like we are besties now...I’m JK now you know a little about me.

As a new mom trying to learn who this new person was over and over again while giving so much of myself to my family I started to feel like I wanted more, but I knew that I didn’t want to send my kids off to daycare and I wanted to continue homeschooling.

I started searching all over the internet on something I could do from home while my little ones where with me and that’s when I discovered network marketing.

It was fun and it felt good to be apart of something else, that was for ME.

In this journey I felt like many companies were not a good fit and I took some time off, uncertain off coming back into this field.

And then I found network marketing.

Those thoughts of not knowing if I would fulfill my passion, dreams, goals, and desires, while balancing out being a loving wife and mother changed. Those things fueled my fire more.

I started seeing more other like minded women who were building businesses and fighting to reach their goals

I’m experiencing new things, learning, becoming a better leader and enjoying the process of discovering myself.

Sometimes in motherhood we get lost, and don’t know what we really like, or enjoy doing anymore...

It’s okay to be selfless, but at the same time we have to remember to have self care and take care of US.

This journey is definitely not a walk in a park, and no one has a handbook to follow.

I say all of this to say, don’t loose yourself in the midst of chaos...


If you would like to be on this journey with me, I would love to grow with you.♥️

Now is your season!!
It’s your time!

So, do it for you...Do it for your hubby...Do it for your kids! Let’s build a LEGACY TOGETHER