Hi friends! I’m Brittany♥︎

Here’s a little bit about me!

Four years ago I was working part time as a nanny and a gymnastics teacher. I was in college full time studying special education and psychology, taking 18 credits a semester to graduate on time. I was b u s y to say the least! I was 21 years old and exhausted! I had no time with my friends and family. I was struggling financially like others my age- but I was also struggling emotionally, physically, and mentally.
I saw this girl posting on instagram about how she made money from her phone and I reached out. A week later I jumped in having no idea what I got myself into, but I knew that I was hungry for more. More time, more freedom, and more money never hurt.. right?!
This business has completely changed my life. Has it been easy? No! But nothing in life worth having comes easy. This is a business and it takes time and patience to build. So I put my head down and I got to work. I failed, I made many mistakes, but I learned, and I grew.
Now fast forward four years later and this has been my full time career for three years now. I have gained confidence in myself, I have learned how to dream bigger and go after goals I never would have dreamt were possible. I get to buy groceries and fill my gas tank without checking my bank account, and most importantly- I have all the time in the world to spend with those I care about most.
If you're anything like me, you don't want to spend the rest of your life working and missing out on memories with your loved ones. Maybe you love your job, and you're not looking to do this full time. Good news! You don't have to! Whether you just want a side hustle, or you're looking to change careers, let me help you build the life youre dreaming of.
Your dreams dont have to stay dreams-with hard work and commitment, they CAN be your reality.
Lets do this, together!
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