This is me...

Tell me who you really are

Hi my name is Brittany Thompson, I’m 20 years old business owner in my junior year of college at Nova Southeastern University. I study Biology with a Pre- Veterinary track with a minor in Digital media production.👩🏽‍⚕️📸 I’m crazy about my dog Akita (I know right) she is my whole world and I’m dedicated to giving her everything she will or would every need. I love photography, arts like drawing and sketches. Food is my favorite thing to discuss and I’m a sucker for movies and tv shows. If you name it I’ve probably seen it or I’m waiting to finish something else first. Anime is my life, yes I’m a weeb. I’m shy at first but once I get that you accept me for me, I let my crazy spirit free and I will have your back no matter what. When I love something , I love it and I won’t let it go easy.

I’m new to the business but I’ve already realized how much the people have started to change me. I don’t get excited about things like this, but taking that risk made me feel , I don’t know , alive again. Like I wasn’t fully at my potential. I’ve wanted to be an influencer, photographer, doctor all of it. It seems know I can actually do it all. And yess everyone can do it all!! With this job I can do all the things I’ve wanted to ever do. And I hope I can change lives the way I want to in order to help fix this crazy messed up, yet beautiful world we live in.