About Me!

Get Fit • Fall in Love with Youreself • Love Food

My name is Brittany Ward!

I have always struggle with my weight and how to be comfortable and confident in my own skin. It’s been a battle I’ve had for as long as I can remember, even all the way back in middle school. I was always bigger than the other kids. I was always bullied for my weight by other school kids, family, and what I thought were my friends at the time. I’ve tried zillions of different ways to lose weight, the gym, keto diet, starvation, YouTube workouts, and every time that I got no results I would feel worse about myself than I did before. Struggling with my weight and body image it started to affect my mental health and the way I viewed myself and others.

Two years ago I moved away from home, 1,064 miles away to be exact, leaving family and friends behind. I was feeling sad & isolated and it was a challenge to adjust. I became comfortable again with emotional eating, to cope with the feelings and I had no idea how to stop and start making the change for a better me.

One day I was going through my IG stories and stubbled across a challenge group that someone was hosting home workouts and helping with meal plans & promoting ALL natural supplements. I wanted so bad to be apart of a loving positive community and to find the best me so I gave it a go.

Literally every thing change for me right there. I lost 5lbs in the first week and I was hooked. I loved the workouts and the products. I loved the friends I was making I knew this was my hidden passion I’ve been searching for.

So here I am coaching and I’m happier now than I’ve been in YEARS! True happiness comes from within. I have my own Facebook accountability group where I have made so many good friends with the clients and other coaches that have joined me!

And honestly, I’m in the best shape too, mentally & physically. It’s unreal!

I run my own challenge groups on Facebook now but can also check in with my challengers through email, zoom, messages, or a free tracker app! Our group has really supportive and positive vibes, and we’re all on a mission to live a healthy live, get fit, and lose weight. I’m all about body positive, and mental health (we do some personal emotional development too!) while reaching your fitness goals!