Welcome, I’m Brittany...

Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose.

Hiii. Welcome to my page. I am so excited that you are here. Let me cut to the chase and tell you a lil about myself. My name is Brittany and I am a 30 year old boy momma to my little savior, Axel Stephen. I grew up in Northeast Philly but looking to move away real real soon!! I have my degree in Fashion Marketing which is my real passion although I am currently working in the medical field (boringggg) lol and my plan is to make social selling my full time income by the end of this year. Being able to stay home and watch my son grow day by day will be a dream come true and I know that is possible with Network Marketing.

I have always been intrigued by the fashion & beauty industry so after being presented with the opportunity to sell luxury haircare and skincare through my social media, I immediately saw the vision. I couldn’t pass it up. I said YES and I haven’t been the same since. I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and I lit that shit up myself. After living behind the scenes for so long, I love putting myself out there & stepping out of my comfort zone, all while making residual income from my phone. Did I mention that these products actually work!?! Oh my God do they work!! So not only do I get to help people look and feel beautiful, I get to be creative while doing so and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

I love helping others achieve their hair/ skin goals while also offering them an opportunity that can change their lives and set them up with financial freedom! I mean who doesn’t want that, am I right!?

Wether you want better hair and/or skin or you are hungry for more, ready to boss up, and want to make some life changing money (or just some extra money), you are in the right place!

You are a swipe away from becoming a better version of “YOU”!!

Swipe over to take my Haircare / Skincare quiz. There is also an application to fill out if you are interested in upgrading your life and leveling up :)