Great to Meet You!

Hello, I’m Brittany!

Hi there, I’m Brittany. ✨

How in the world do I sum up who I am and what I’m all about in just a few short sentences? If I have to pick, here are a few details that I want you to know...

I’m a wife.
I’m a mom.
I’m a teacher to my kids.
I’m a believer that life is what you make it!

Truth is, I decided to take a chance on an amazing opportunity and i finally feel like it’s the perfect fit!

I have 12 years later in the network marketing industry and I finally found my place. I’m hoping to inspire hundreds of women and entrepreneurs no matter what company to continue to do what you love!

Embrace Who You Are

There’s Only ONE You

I would be lying if I said that I’m exactly where I thought I would be! People told me it was impossible to run 2 businesses. But Im so glad I didn’t give up on me.

I’ve spent so much of my life trying to fit in the box others wanted me to but and it took SO many hard lessons learned to get to where I am today.

Plus, In the world on social media, I started asking myself.. WHO AM I??!!!! What sets me apart?

So here’s YOUR first mission, especially if you’re on my team.

Mission 1: Think of all the interests you have and what makes you YOU!
Write these things down.

Those things are what is going to make you who you are, so be sure that your content reflects those things as well!

If you can learn who you really are and think of the things that you love to talk to others about, then you have already done the hardest part of getting started!

I hope we get to work together more!

Why Vic Beauty?

Toxic-Free Beauty

For me, EXACTLY when I was looking for AFFORDABLE toxic-free skin care products, it literally came to ME!

I started trying everything out on my own first before deciding to sell and within one week I saw a tremendous difference in my skin!

Plus, opportunity wise, It had just launched three months prior and I literally get to grow with a company from the beginning!

It’s been amazing and so grateful to finally have some close support with an amazing group of girls who have been looking for the same social and emotional support!

Check It Out Here!

Nailed Up Trends


In 2019 I found myself in an impossible financial situation. After spending many hours taking online service for close to 0 dollars wasn’t cutting it for me.

I created Nailed Up Trends as a platform to share all things nails and I am forever grateful to Color Street for the opportunity that It has given me.

These nails have been LIFE SAVING!
As a busy mom, I’ve never had the time to wait for my nails to dry!!

But also, the business plan to this day goes unmatched.. it’s truly a phenomenal way to make money and I would recommend it over and over again!

Balance is Key

How do I juggle life?

So how does a homeschooling mama of 3 balance 2 businesses?

The truth is, time blocking saved me!
I give myself a certain time to do work, school, and make sure to schedule myself and some personal mental break so I don’t get burnt out!

✅Schedule the most important tasks at the beginning of the day.
✅Schedule Breaks and Lunch
✅Stick to your time blocks! I get distracted easily too it the whole day will get thrown off if you go off track!

Those are some ways I keep myself on track!