About me

About @brittneybutler

When I was younger, my mom always said I asked too many questions. I would ask her 25 questions by the time breakfast was on the table. 20 years later, not much has changed. You can still find me looking for every detail and unanswered question in everything I do.

My curiosity, nonstop questions and love for writing have led me to journalism. Interviewing people and writing their stories pulled me out of a very shy period in my young adult life. I started journalism my sophomore year of high school and have not stopped since.

I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2019 with a degree in Journalism, a certificate in Sports Media and a Women’s Studies minor.

Profiles and in-depth stories are my favorites to write. I spent my junior year covering the University of Georgia’s cross country and track and field teams, completing multiple athlete profiles and team analysis.

My game coverage, news stories and columns have now been published in over 10 publications including The Athens Banner-Herald, Odyssey Online and The Houston Chronicle.

My graphics, photos and content creation can be seen on @jenniferbalcos_gallery, @java.joy and @esp_inc on Instagram.

As a deadline-oriented, digital and social media content creator, I am seeking a challenging opportunity to improve my visual design, writing, editing and multimedia production skills.