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Hey. So I’m Brittney...a mother of 2, step mommy of 1. Fur mommy to 3 and a fiancé to an amazing man. I love my family but they keep me on my toes. My stepdaughter is 7, my son 3 and my daughter is 1 and with 3 labs you can say my house is a bit of a nuthouse (and never really clean) 🤷🏽‍♀️ but we’re making memories and cherishing our time spent together especially during this pandemic.
So when I’m not chasing kids, doing virtual school with my 7 yr old, trying to keep a house semi clean, or working I love going camping, boating, horseback riding and binge watching shows on Netflix or anything on Disney+. (Sorry I’m a sucker for a good Disney movie) We spend a majority of our time as a family either camping or on the boat. The kids enjoy it and the dogs love the water. We’ve made some pretty great memories over the last couple years.
So yeah that’s the gist of my life in a nutshell. I’m just a momma trying to raise my kids right while working full time and making memories along the way while still instilling the kids to be good decent people.
So I recently started a side business so I didn’t have to live paycheck and paycheck and to give my kids and family more chances for memories that will last a lifetime. This business has opened so many doors and created friendships I know will last a lifetime 🥰



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