Hey there! I’m Brittney!

Wife, mom, nurse, vegan hair, skin & wellness.

Well since you’re here I’ll tell you a bit more about me.

First off I’m a mom and a wife. I’m also a pediatric registered nurse. Which I have a love/hate relationship with. I love helping kids get better. I hate being away from my own child for 13-14 hours a day. With the stress and demands as a full time nurse i forget to fill my cup. I’ll tell you have to be healthy and then won’t eat or pee for hours on end.
My husband and I made the decision about a year ago to move to my home state. Southern California is our home and we couldn’t be happier. I love the beach, palm trees and weather. And now that i have a child of my own it’s nice to be around family! I’m obsessed with my son Charlie, and that’s why I started a business from my phone. To have more time with him and my husband. And to help secure a better future for us. It’s given me more then extra money. I’ve found excitement again. A purpose. New amazing friends all over the world. More time for myself. And a better mindset. And I’ve helped other do the same.

I’m so grateful I was introduced to this business. For the positivity it’s given me in my life and the people who I’ve engaged with. If you’re looking for something to help you make some extra cash. Or maybe you feel stuck in a job you hate. You might just feel like you are just in a rut and need some motivation again. Perhaps you want to be around people who are constantly rooting for you. Maybe you want to make new friends and have meaningful conversations and earn free trips with them. This business has not only provided me with all of that but also improved the well-being for me and my family. It’s also blessed me more then I could ever imply.

Interested? Ask me for information and to see if I have any openings!