My Weightloss Journey

I’ve always been a “big girl”. I was often the biggest in my social circles. I was bullied for it in school, and no matter how much I would love to say I don’t remember it or it doesn’t bother me, I do and it does. Not so much for who I am today, but for the girl who couldn’t understand why she had to be burdened with her weight at such a young age.

I’ve had a VERY long journey with my health and I’ve done it all. I used to hate myself. Now? I’m in a healthy relationship with my body. I love it! And I choose to take care of it through nutrition and supplements! Low carb/keto is my chosen lifestyle and it’s what works best for me! Below are some of my favorite supplements to help make my life easier! I lost 80lbs in 2020, and continue towards my other goals!

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Skinny Brew ☕️

Black French roast instant brew full of nootropics! Doesn’t break a fast, and it helps boost my mood, increase energy and brain function, burns fat, and suppresses appetite.

I drink this for breakfast every morning!

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Chocolate Greens 🍫

Sugar free and sweetened with stevia. I add this to my morning skinny brew to make it a mocha! It has 8 servings of fruits and veggies most of which I can’t have on a low carb lifestyle. It also balances pH, alkalizes, detoxes, and adds extra plant based energy!

*NEW* Slimming Gummies 🍊🍒

Apple Cider Vinegar gummies with added clinically proven ingredients that help lower BMI, reduce fat cells, and shrinks pinchable fat. Caffeine/stimulant free!