Hey, Babe! I’m Britt <3

Triple Threat, Shampoo Dealer, Choreographer, Your Personal Hype Girl!

Hey, Chick! I’m so excited that you stopped by! I can’t wait to get to know you!!

I’m officially a New Yorker as of January 2020!!! Yup! You heard that right!! (Which means if you’re in NYC- you better reach out! We are totally meeting for cocktails!)

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA - I’m a professional dancer just living out my big crazy dreams in the Big Apple! I couldn’t be more excited to be here!

I’m also a boss babe! My “side gig” is helping women feel confident in how they look! I partnered with an anti aging luxury haircare company 2 years ago! It’s for sure been my best decision yet! This biz has become so much more than just helping you love your hair! I help babes of all backgrounds make an income straight from their iPhone! & in the midst of all of this, I’ve gained the sweetest girl gang to ever exist!

Girl Gang : a group of babes who lift you up, cheer you on, empower you to be your BEST self, & love you hard!!

My girl gang has rocked my world! Isn’t it crazy that I found my people over a bottle of shampoo?! I know- I can’t believe it either! But there’s something about having friends in your corner that make you feel so confident & loved! If you’re missing a bomb group of chicks in your life, this is my personal invitation to you ~ there’s always room at our table! 💕

Girl Gang <3

Friends, Sisters, Lifers

Every girl deserves a team of babes behind her! After all, that’s what makes you feel amazing, right?! I promise you, we’ve gotcha sis!


Dreaming big is incredible & we want to help you achieve those giant scary goals! Together, of course! ❤️

Plus, it’s way more fun when you have your own hype team behind you! This hair biz has allowed all of us to dream so much bigger. It’s more than shampoo - this is friendship, financial freedom, time freedom, and the ability to follow your dreams no matter who you are!

Our team is made up of college babes, stay at home mommas, performers, nurses, environmentalists, teachers, & so much more! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you can totally rock this!!!


Find your tribe - Love them hard


Brains, Beauty & Bad-Ass Determination

Wanna join our girl gang? <3

DM me on insta & I’ll answer all of your questions! Or click on the link below to jump right in!