Broken Vessel Music

Who is Broken Vessel Music?

Broken Vessel Music (born Mervyn E. Hammond III) was born to Mervyn and Rose Hammond Jr in Junction City Kansas; the eighth child out of nine in a musical family. From an early age he could be found singing with his family in church services, programs, school musicals and community events. While in high school he even received a special commendation from the commanding general at Fort Riley military base for patriotic musical perfomances.

Broken Vessel Music accepted his official call to ministry and preached his first sermon in 2002. In the following years the Holy Spirit would make it clear that pulpit preaching and teaching would be secondary to music ministry. He would continue to hone his writing style, penning original songs that would be utilized in his church's music ministry. In obedience to the Holy Spirit he relocated to St. Charles Missouri in 2005, where he continued writing, and growing in his spiritual maturity and biblical understanding; attending St. Louis Christ College and ministering at many live events. In January 2021 God would call him to join Twin Rivers Church where he is being integrated into the music ministry.

Broken Vessel Music made his official debut as a solo Christian artist in 2014. Since then he has released 2 albums and 4 singles, has participated in multiple events across the country icluding the John P. Kee VIP Independent Artist Showcase and has been blessed to share the stage with artists such as The Peyton Sisters, Seventh Day Slumber, JSon, As We Are, Adelaide, Judah First Band, Point5 and most recently Zeke Locke&Nu Experience, Canton Jones and gospel great Fred Hammond. He appeared on season 3 of Fortune's Live Talent with James Fortune and Isaac Caree. He partnered with St. Louis native Christian Rappers Big Step Ant and Lil Thee Incredible to form the group Quality Gospel. He is also a member of his family's music group Family Affair Music. The diverse group of artists that Broken Vessel Music has ministered with is a reflection of the desire in his heart to see the family of God fellowship together, not hindered by color and denominational lines.

Broken Vessel Music, utilizes a soulful, engaging and thought-provoking writing and musical delivery that both invites believers to worship and challenges the people of God to consider their spiritual walk in ways that they haven't before. His goal is to be able to write Christian and inspirational music in any sub genre that help destroy the segregation and separation that exists within the family of God.

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"From Out of the Vessel: Stories Behind the Songs"

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Who is Broken Vessel Music?

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Broken Vessel Music sings "Christ Be Magnified" at Twin Rivers Church

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From Out of the Vessel

Acceptable Losses

I can't speak for everyone but I can certainly speak for myself. I think there are times in my walk with God where in the midst of change or challenge I give up. But I don't give up on God or his grand plan. It is that particular situation or that particular process of change that I retreat from. There are many times that I have looked at myself after falling back and asked "why?" There were little things that I could conclude here and there but it wasn't until today that I believe the Holy Spirit provided some "bonus" insight...

Acceptable Losses.

We are taught that this Christian walk is a journey and is often called a battle or war. Within wars, when a loss appears imminent, commanders will sometimes make decisions to withdrawal from particular arenas of combat in order to cut loses or deviate resources. They're not conceding the entire war; they commit to "acceptable losses" (be it resources, territory or bases, troops, etc) for the sake of a bigger purpose. This was/is me. There are times that God would start me down a particular path or initiate a change and the discouragement would hit a certain level, causing me to declare it a "failed experiment" and declare it an "acceptable loss;" I could take that "L," chalk it up to my humanity and shift my time and focus to something I believe that I could actually succeed in...

God Doesn't Deal In Acceptable Losses.

Whatever God starts He finishes. He doesn't "hope to complete" or "intend to complete." There is no failure in Him (Philippians 1:6). Because of this truth, God doesn't deal in "acceptable losses." The decision to not see something through doesn't come from Him because God uses EVERY experience for our good (Romans 8: 26-39). In fact, there are many instances in which God will bring us back to failed experiences (sometimes more than once) for the purpose of seeing it through. As the Spirit leads us in the direction of challenge or change, success is assured if we don't give up! When things get hard confide in God (FIRST), regroup and keep moving forward. 

The time frame for success is not important because we're being prepared for eternity. The actual success or failure is important because that means transformation is occurring. I want to encourage you today to make the decision that I have in God-given grace...

No more acceptable losses.