I'm Listening - Teaches valuable life skills to children.

Children deserve to pursue excellence in every aspect of their lives - Would you agree?

My purpose in life is to empower, build self esteem, confidence, positive self talk, gratitude, attitude, resilience, better grades, freedom, goals, decision making skills, fear of failure, respect themselves and others. Learning to respond v's reacting and so much more to children.

What keeps you awake at night, thinking about your children?

Things need to change and those changes need to happen now! For this generation and for future generations.

Would you love to see your child have more confidence? More resilience? More positive self-talk?

Do you feel that your child is struggling to keep up?

Would you like your child to achieve greatness?

Would you like to hear your child say I can instead of I can't?

Do you want to see your child achieve their goals?

Would you like to see your child show more respect to themselves and to others?

Is your child passing?

Did you know that your child can write their own report card?

Do you wish your child was more resilient?

Do you have trouble getting your child to do their chores?

Do your children talk to you about anything? Do you want them to? Do you wish they did?

Children's Program Includes...

Life Skills Covered

I am Listening covers a variety of topics to enhance your child’s valuable life skills. Topics include;

Bullying - How they choose to respond makes a big difference.

Guiding them to have a positive outlook whilst building their - self- esteem, confidence and positive self-talk.

What they think they become - their attitude matters - taking responsibility, building resilience.

The importance of complimenting & respecting others - How they treat themselves, carers and others matters.

Writing their own report card - Conquering their fear of failure, whilst learning how to empower themselves.

Who am I? (Who are they?) - The importance of finding out who they truely are. The importance of setting goals and dreams.

Other topics covered - gratitude matters, important decision making skills, hurtful words bounce off me and more!

Life Skills Include

What is I'm Listening?

There are 7 presentations to choose from, each presentation provides children with the necessary tools, which changes their lives and all the previous programming (as parents/carers) that we have been taught to think for generations.

Each presentation covers a section from the life skills list. You can choose 1 presentation or multiple.

Each presentation is 60 - minutes including Q&A

Plus - The opportunity to connect with Broni and other children that may feel the same way as your child does. Presentations are delivered via a zoom link , that allows your children to be in the comfort of their own home.

Free add-on, a meditation link (which teaches children to learn to calm their mind).

Additional Presentations Available include;
Live-in person, Online via Zoom , Open - Groups, Private Groups , Schools (During or after school) and seminars.

Your Child's Life Skills Coach

Meet Broni

25 + Years coaching people
15+ Years of personal development
Mum of a 16 year old son & 21 year old daughter
Volunteer - Mentor Sammy D Foundation
Open Colleges - Studying Youth Work
12 - months Children's Wildlife Educator
6 Years teaching children's Martial arts
4 years self defence instructor / empowering children (4yrs-17yrs)


Broni’s self-development program has honestly changed my life, my family is back together. By developing my mindset, focusing on learning to live my life from the inside (allowed me to stop all the outside noise, I was an over thinker, I experienced major anxiety and depression). This program has made me happier, brought me closer to my family with positive impacts. I no longer overthink, instead I think of what I want for my future. Thanks to Broni’s positive attitude along with her guidance through the program, I am more self-acceptant, more confident in my abilities, in every aspect of my life. I would recommend this program to everyone as you will truely benefit. Broni, has changed not only my life, but my families too. It was really nice knowing someone cared. Thank you so much Broni!

- Jaye 15

"Doing my classes with Broni has been so good for my mental health. I have really enjoyed my time and lessons with her and I think that by doing it I have improved my own self-confidence in a major way. I believe that Broni has a good heart and the skills to match and that she can help anyone improve their state of mind"

- Sophie. 15yo.

"I started the sessions with Broni as a way to help my 15 year old to overcome a difficult event. I did not expect to find someone so passionate about helping people improve all aspects of their mental wellbeing. The sessions have been an incredible way to bond with my daughter and also taught us things about ourselves we never knew. I can't recommend Broni, her skills and her methods highly enough."

- Diana. Mum to a 15yo.

Broni White Consulting trained by Proctor Gallagher Institute. Program Based around the Thinking Into Results Program.

The Thinking Into Results Program is backed by 75 years of proven scientific research.

Proctor Gallagher Institute - Bob Proctor
60 + Years Experience.