I'm Listening - Teaches valuable life skills to children.

The key to pursuing excellence

As teenagers move into adulthood - they deserve to pursue excellence in every aspect of their lives - Would you agree?

My purpose in life is to empower, build self esteem, confidence, positive self talk, gratitude, attitude, resilience, better grades, freedom, goals, decision making skills, fear of failure, respect themselves and others. Learning to respond v's reacting and so much more to teenagers.

Are you worried about your teenagers grades? What they are up to? What their future may hold? Does this often keep you awake at night?

Empowering and Encouraging Teens

As Teenagers move into adulthood it is our job to encourage and empower them to succeed. To know that they CAN and WILL achieve anything.

What do you see as your teenagers greatest strengths?

Are you worried about your teenagers self-worth, self-esteem and self-talk.

Do you wish your teen would see themselves as perfect?

Do you worry about your teenagers future?

Would you prefer your teenagers fear of failure be removed, and change those feelings to be feelings of empowerment, no matter what the circumstances?

What do you wish you could communicate with your teenager more?

Does your Teenager talk to you about anything? Do you want them to? Do
you wish they did?

Do you want your teenager to know how to use their mind in a positive way that will benefit them for the rest of their life?

Are you worried about your child's grades?

What fears and concerns do you have when it comes to thinking about your teens in their final years of schools?

Things need to change and those changes need to happen now! For this generation and for future generations.

Teenager's Program Includes...

Life Skills Covered...

Adopting - The 6 Mental Faculties V's The 5 Senses.

The difference between - responding vs reacting.

Positive inner thoughts- Self- Image, Self-Talk and Self-Esteem.

Write - your own report Card, Fear of Failure, Empowering Yourself.

Respect -your carers, yourself and others.

Other topics covered- Goals, Purpose, Vision, Dreams, Gratitude, Decision Making, Living from the Inside not from the Outside, Conscious Mind, Subconscious mind.

Responsibility, Dealing with the tuff stuff, Attitude and more!