About Empower Your Aura

Finding serenity in every-day activities, mindset, lifestyle, beliefs and habits 🧘🏻‍♀️

Empower Your Aura is not only a blog, but a movement towards a better you through lifestyle and mindset changes. Created by me, Bronwyn (or Bronnie to many), age 20, I have and still continue to suffer with critical depression and mental health issues from a young age, and have struggled with many day-to-day activities, sometimes including leaving my bed at all.

But my mental health won't stop me from realising change is needed more than ever.

I realise now that the only person who can make these changes are me. No one else.

I have dappled in many business ideas, mainly as projects to focus on as hobbies alongside being a business student, but creating a blog where I can express my daily struggles and coping mechanisms, alongside creating a movement for a mindful and tranquil lifestyle to share with others, will not only fulfill my creative needs, but hopefully help and provide ideas for people who are also struggling with mental health.

Helping people like me find serenity through topics I talk about and share such as -

☆ Meditation / Yoga
☆ Crystal Healing
☆ Mindfulness Techniques
☆ Gratitude Enhancement
☆ Doing What You Love & More Of It (e.g Fashion styling, gyming, photography, gaming or even reading!)
☆ Relaxtion Tips and Methods
☆ Healthy Habits
☆ Channelling Your Creative Flow

This blog will also share tips on struggling with mental health as a student, sobriety ( I am newly sober and no longer drink alcohol, but that doesn't stop me having a social life!) and more!

◇ Meet ups and social events to come in 2020 ◇

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First night out truly sober & alcohol-free!

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