All of My Top-Picks.

If I have any recommendations, they’re all here!

Whether you’re looking for your new favorite sweatsuit set or how to make your hair and skin even better- this is the place to be.

The BEST Shampoo, Hair Masks, + Dry Shampoo

I have been using the Klorane mango hair mask for nearly 2 years, along with their oatmilk dry shampoo (a game-changer). Seriously, most dry shampoos do work on me, but they leave my hair dull and lifeless. Klorane has the ONLY dry shampoo that leaves my hair with a just-washed, hydrated, voluminous look. I recently added their cornflower water sleeping mask and eye patches to my skincare routine, and I don’t think I could possibly live without them now. This brand also uses the best ingredients + packaging, which makes a big difference to me. Shop below before everyone sells out their amazing products!

The Product You Could Be Missing Out On

My all time fav. If there’s any Olaplex product I believe is a must-buy, it’s for sure No.6, the bond smoother. It’s one hair product I can’t live without, and I notice such a huge difference in the softness and healthy-look of my hair when I don’t use it.

Highly recommend!

All-Time Fav Skincare Products

I have so many skincare products I like, but these products from The Ordinary are by far my favorites- and have the most benefits I’ve ever witnessed with my own eyes. Smooth, color-corrected (is that a thing?), hydrated, wrinkle-less skin, HERE WE COME!

My Go-To Lounge Pants

When I tell you these sweatpants will change your life... I mean it. Fleece-lined, thick, and amazing quality for the price, I genuinely love these SO much. I always find myself grabbing them out of my closet (at all hours of the day)