Hi My Name Is Brooke Bradford

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Hey y’all, my name is Brooke and I am a wife to my gentle giant of a husband, Blake, & mom to 2 wonderful kiddos, Anna Kate and Oliver Finn. We live on farm, out in the country. And we raise German Shepherds.
We as a family are out doors people, we love to ride around checking our cows, or fishing in our ponds. And we love to play with our fur-babies!
How do I have the energy to keep up with 6 dogs and 2 kiddos and husband that’s always on the go! Check it out⬇️

I am changing my life with 3 simple products that I would love to share with you! These products give me my daily energy to stay on the move and make me look & feel younger.

My top picks

My favorite Products


A premium stacked nootropic with 16 nutrients to fuel the most important organ of your body. Brān was designed to immediately boost your mental energy, support positive thinking, improve focus, alertness, mood, and mental acuity. ... It also helps improve mood and symptoms of depression. Literally one snap a day for a calm mind, and clean energy!

This snap comes in 3 flavors:
Chocolate Sea Salt 🍫🧂
Caramel Macchiato ☕️
Lemon Drop 🍋
Seasonal- Pumpkin Spice 🎃🌶
Seasonal- Chocolate Mint 🍫🍃

ZLEM- Sleep & Slim

The workout while you sleep!
This is your sleep snap!! With a studied ingredient, highly sought out in the fitness world because it’s known to “trick” the brain into thinking it’s working oily during your sleep!
With a 7 day full-body detox as your first 7 snaps in each box, it helps cleanse the body. Lowers stress levels, while repairing and replenishing the body!

One flavor- Red velvet! 🎂
Upcoming flavor- Chocolate Strawberry 🍫🍓

UÜTH- The Time Reversing Snap!

One Flavor-Superberry 🍓🍇🫐🍒

This fruit roll-up (Superberry) tasting geleé is a full 3 grams of collagen PER SNAP! With added D-Biotin with full vitamin availability! Nitric Oxide Booster for optimal blood flow and peak performance!
This snap may help with bones, joints, muscles, hair, skin & nails!!
Stay feeling and looking younger!

brān- energy-calm mind Snap

brān®, pronounced [ breyn ],🧠 is a well-rounded nootropic with leading-edge nanotechnology for maximum impact to deliver an instant boost to the central control unit of your body - your brain. Amplify your overall wellness and conquer each day!

Zlem- Sleep & Slim

zlēm®, pronounced [ zleem ], is a cutting edge biohacking formula with a full spectrum of powerhouse ingredients that deliver maximum impact in the area of body renewal, restoration, and optimization, all while delivering a sound, restful night's sleep.

uüth-time reverser- collagen

Can one formula deliver noticeable benefits internally and externally? Yes! uüth™ [pronounced yüth] is a delicious premium gelée containing powerful ingredients designed to help you live, look and feel more vibrantly youthful.